Practice Safe Sync

No matter your business security and privacy requirements, SoftPlan Bangkok has you covered. SharingDrive is secure, enterprise-grade sync and share for every employee.

  • Cloud choice
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Limitless scalability
  • Centralized management
  • Rapid, intelligent sync
  • Deleted file retention
  • Unlimited syncing and sharing
  • File versioning
  • Desktop, web and mobile apps

Secure Shared Data

Built with a security-first mindset, SharingDrive supports the most stringent security, privacy and compliance requirements through its enterprise-grade security features, rich auditing capabilities, cloud deployment options and on-prem encryption keys.

Cloud Choice

Deploy in a private cloud, a hybrid cloud or use our public cloud—you always keep the encryption keys.

End-to-End Encryption

Secure data between devices and the cloud with dual layer in-transit SSL 256 bit and at rest AES 256-bit encryption.

Two-Factor Authentication

Access-challenge provides additional safeguards against lost/stolen usernames and passwords.

Directory Services Integrations

SharingDrive integrates with Active Directory/LDAP, SSO and SAML 2.0 to simplify user account management.

Support Compliance Initiatives

Support compliance requirements with enterprise-grade security, deployment options and full audit trails.

Full Auditing Capabilities

Easily access and enable complete system logs for detailed auditing of shared corporate data.

Accelerate Productivity

Computer to tablet to smartphone, employees easily sync and share unlimited data in and out of the office, providing them quick collaboration while your business enjoys efficient, uninterrupted workflow.

Unlimited Sharing

Sync and share any number of files, file types and sizes with anyone, anywhere.

Link Sharing

Securely share files with anyone inside or outside the organization in just two clicks, with link management and expiration for users and IT.

File Versioning

View the history of all versions, deletions, changes, shared links and newly added users for any shared file or folder.

Deleted File Retention

Accidentally deleted a file? SharingDrive keeps deleted files, so those mishaps are no big deal.

Desktop, Web and Mobile Apps

Sync and share files however you want with apps on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or the web.

User Permission Levels

Control access to files with user permissions, including read-only, edit, create and delete, or full admin access.

Gain Control + Visibility

Easily control your organization’s shared data through the SharingDrive administration console. A single admin can manage and track shared data for 10 to 100,000+ users, and customize SharingDrive through third-party integrations using its REST API.

Single Admin Console

Manage users via a single, powerful admin console regardless of deployment type, number of users, storage locations or device types.

e-Discovery Integration

Leverage e-Discovery providers for detailed analysis of shared organizational data for legal hold and e-Discovery.

Granular Policy Management

Fine-tune and customize SharingDrive’s policies and settings to fit your organization’s unique needs.


Create custom solutions, automate complex processes and integrate your existing infrastructure.

Rapid Deployment

Rolling out SharingDrive is quick and easy, whether you choose a private, hybrid or public cloud deployment.